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Send Santa a
Naughty or Nice


Use this simple form to let
Santa's elves know about people who should be
on the Naughty or Nice List

A Message From Sherlock Elf

You won't be surprised to hear that we are getting TONS of Naughty and Nice Reports right now! We can't show them all on Santa's Nice List and on Santa's Naughty List. If we did, we might Blow Up your computer (and that wouldn't be very nice of us at all)!

We do get all the Reports but we can't post them all. We'll mainly be posting ones from parents so Santa can check them twice.

Merry Christmas!
🔍 Sherlock Elf 🔍
Head Elf Detective
Noddy N' Nice Elf Detective Agency

Upload a photo to Santa's computers (An optional step)

Tip: This is optional. You do not have to upload a photo. If you do upload, it will appear by the Naughty or Nice Report.
If you do not want to upload a photo, scroll down to the next step (Info About the Person).

Click on the "Choose File" button and find the photo of the Nice (or Naughty) person you wish to upload.
Tip: Ideally, the photo should be a square close-up of their face.

The file name of the photo will appear in green beside the "Choose File" button if all is well.

Now click on the green button below to upload your photo to Santa's computer.

• Please be patient.  It may take a moment for your file to upload.
• By using this service you grant Santa the right to use your uploaded photo.
• Truly naughty (adult) photos will not be displayed and will result in forfeiture of any fees paid.

• Your photo will appear above this message once it has successfully upload.
• Don't like the photo? Just click the "Choose file" button above and then the "Upload" button again.

Info About The Person (Step 1)


The following information is required:

This Naughty/Nice Report Is About:
What is the person's FIRST name: 

What is the first letter of the person's LAST name: 

(For privacy, only their last initial is used)

They have been...

About The Person Writing This Report (You!):

Your FIRSTname:

Your Age:

Your email address:

Providing your correct email address provides parental proof of consent of sharing information about your child (a government legal privacy requirement - not the elves). As well, the elves manually check everything before posting, which takes time. This way, they can send you a Christmassy email to let you know when your Report goes live (and confirm your email address by it not bouncing - another privacy requirement on us).

You can also sign up for merry information from (you would get these perhaps once a week during the Christmas Season). By default, this is set to "Do Not Receive".

The following information is optional:

Naughty/Nice Report continued...

Reason for Report:

(e.g.: Was nice to sister; tidied room)