Show the Easter Bunny and the World
Your Easter Photos!

Share your EGGS-ellent Easter photos
right HARE!

In just 3 simple steps you can upload your photos to share with the Easter Bunny on!

Step 1: Take your photo

Take your photo.

Photographing Tips:
- Best if you take your photo in "landscape" mode (i.e. shorter height and longer in width).
- Stand close to the subject so there's hardly anything else in the photo.
- Make sure the subject is well lit.
- Avoid obvious shadows.

Make sure to download your photo from your device onto the same platform as this webpage (e.g. Shouldn't be a need to do anything if you're viewing this on a mobile device. If you are reading this on a PC or Mac, then you'll have to download the photo from your camera onto your PC or Mac).

If you have any questions, email the Tech-Know Elf.  He might be busy helping the Easter Bunny, but you never know! 😊

Step 2: Browse to your photo

Click on the "Choose File" button and find the photo you just took.
If all works well, the name of the file will appear in green beside the button.
It will revert back to "No file chosen" once your photo is uploaded (so you can choose a different file if you change your mind).

Step 3: Upload your photo to the Easter Bunny's computers

Now click on the green button below to upload your photo to the Easter Bunny's computers.

Please be patient.  It may take a moment for your file to upload from your computer.

NOTE: By using this service you grant the Easter Bunny the right to use your uploaded photo and share it with others.

When your photo shows up below, then you'll know the Easter Bunny has it too!

"Thank You" from the Easter Bunny!

That's it!  Keep checking the Easter Bunny's webpage to see if your photo shows up there for the world to see.
(Regardless, the Easter Bunny will see your photo.  You can be sure your photo will help him go a little faster this year!)


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