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Santa Claus, Christmas and the North Pole live at the website, Christmas Day and every day of the year!  This is where the Jolly Old Elf, Mrs. Claus, the elves, reindeer and all of St. Nick's friends hangout on the Internet.

Would you like to visit with Santa Claus? You can visit with that Jolly Old Elf the night before Christmas, Christmas day or really any day year round right here. It's a Christmas celebration!

Email your Christmas Wishes and more!

Well, emailing a letter to jolly Saint Nicholas is the reason why the elves set up this website for children in the first place!  It's a tradition for children to get a letter from Santa Claus after all.  Most importantly, yule get a reply fast as reindeer fly and no trip to the post office needed.

No email, home address, postal code or phone number is needed to get a letter from Santa Claus.

After you send your letter, you can read other children's letters to Santa Claus too.  They keep Mrs. Claus in the Christmas Spirit all year long.

And don't forget your pet's Christmas wish letters.  The elves made a special keyboard so Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer can reply.

Then, sneak a peak at the North Pole tweets!  (Hey, that rhymes!)  That is to say, you can watch as the elves and Mrs. Claus message back and forth with the Big Man in the Red Suit!  Yule laugh and giggle and make bellies jiggle! It's fun reading texts from Santa Claus!

Santa Tracker and Webcams

Speaking of sneaking a peak, how would you like to know what Santa Claus is doing right now? Well, you can track Santa Claus on the Santa Tracker on the night before Christmas in December and year round too!  In other words, the Santa Tracker 2019 shows you what Father Christmas is doing in his office at the North Pole at this very moment. 

On Christmas Eve, the elves use the Santa Tracker to help Father Christmas on his famous December flight delivering presents to children around the World!  And you are invited along for the fun!  How Christmassy cool is that?

Meanwhile, do you ever wonder how children end up on the Naughty or Nice List?  Not to give away any secrets, but there is a list of Christmas webcams around the world.  St. Nick even has a North Pole webcam so kids can visit and watch him!

Christmas Fun and Christmas Games!

The elves LOVE fun and games!  There's a December toy bag full of word games, trivia and more Christmas activities for children of all ages.

For example, do you think you could find all the ways children say "Merry Christmas" around the world

On the other hand, if you like trivia, what was the name of the misfit elf in the TV show "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer"?

Have You Ever Heard An Elf Giggle?

Everyone at the North Pole loves short funny jokes, especially Christmas jokes for kids.

So what makes an elf giggle? Super silly Holiday jokes for kids of course!  For example, what does Frosty the Snowman drink to stay warm?

After that, you can check out Saint Nicholas' magical photo albums.  There's photos of the North Pole. It has pictures of the North Pole, the huts where the elves live and the new Christmas village.

The photos of Santa's Workshop show where the gifts for children are made. The elves' workbenches are all here, complete with busy little elves. Naturally, there are lots of toys and even present wrapping machines.

Would you like to see the reindeer barn? That is where the elves keep Mr. Claus's sleighs and reindeer of course. Just watch out for polar bears.

And what would the Christmas Season be without Santa Claus Parades! Check out these photographs of Saint Nicholas and Mrs. Claus with antique fire trucks, old cars, trains and transport trucks.

How Old is Mrs. ClausHow Old is Rudolph? And More Questions Answered!

Do you have questions about Saint Nicholas? Well, the Grumpy Elf is here to answer your questions about the man in the red suit, the red hat and the white beard.  That is to say, he'll help you about as much as a grumpy elf can.  The Santa Claus FAQ has answers to questions you hadn't even thought about!  For example, how do reindeer fly?

And is Santa real?  Well, it would be awfully silly of him to have a website if he wasn't real.  But you can ask him or the Grumpy Elf yourself if you want.

What Is Life Like At the North Pole?

Every day is a Christmas celebration at the North Pole. Life here is wild and crazy! And not just in December.  There's always something silly and jolly going on at the Christmas village. 

First, there's Clumsy the Elf -- 'nuff said!  Secondly, there's Santa Claus's Grumpy Elf -- 'nuff said -- again! 

Read the Christmas blog to find out what goes on when you go way up North!

More Christmas Fun

Naughty or Nice? Check that list twice! And while you are Santa tracking Christmas Eve, don't forget to leave out your Nice certificate for Saint Nicholas to see. Then he'll know to leave you Christmas gifts.

After that, see how long is it to Christmas and what time that famous gift bringer, Kris Kringle, is coming to town. Then watch Saint Nicholas check the time to Christmas Eve and see what happens (it's magical!).

Next, tweet how long it is to the most wonderful day of the year to your friends. Let them know how many weeks, sleeps, hours, minutes and seconds it is to the big day in December.

In short (that's what the elves always say!), there is a toy bag of family fun gifts and Christmas activities for children waiting for you at!