The Santa Claus Magic Picture Photo Album

~ The North Pole ~

Photos of the North Pole

NP01-SantaTown.jpg (18200 bytes)  High above Santa City, North Pole in the mountains.  See Santa City in the middle of the picture?

NP02-NorthPole.jpg (20182 bytes) Photo of the North Pole!  You pass under the North Pole as you arrive in Santa City.  The sign on the North Pole says "Merry Christmas".

Pictures of Santa City

NP03-elf_hut.jpg (23955 bytes) The Head Elf's old elf hut.  The elves lived in elf huts until Santa had some fancy new Christmas buildings built.

NP04-elf_huts.jpg (17372 bytes) Dancer Drive, one of the streets at the North Pole.  It has lots of elf huts on it.

NP05-more_huts.jpg (19555 bytes) Christmas Crescent!  The Clauses old house has the reindeer hitching posts out front.

NP06-hut_fronts.jpg (17581 bytes) Elf huts on Santa's Helper Hwy have porches and the big Ice Slide is right at their back doors!  The elves living here get to work fast!

Photographs of Elf Village

NP07-icicle-lights.jpg (23225 bytes) The North Pole is so magical that the lamp posts grow their own tinsel!  It's a Winter Wonderland here!

NP08-new_village.jpg (22164 bytes) After what Santa's Helpers like to call "The Big Behaving Boom", Santa had to get a lot more elves and buildings because there were so many good girls and boys.

NP09-new_village.jpg (24066 bytes) New buildings at Polar Bear Bay.  This was quite a swanky place for elves to live (especially since the elves new to the North Pole were used to just living in trees and things before!).

NP10-new_village.jpg (20857 bytes) The newest buildings at the North Pole, on Elfin Way.  The more mature, sophisticated elves tend to live here.  You know, the ones that only like those fancy imported marshmallows in their hot chocolate!

NP11-new_village.jpg (15379 bytes) If you think the elves have neat houses here at the North Pole, make sure you swing by the Clauses new house!


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